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Neymar takes ridiculous run-up for penalty against Real Sociedad

Why do some footballers feel the need to conduct a bizarre run-up before taking a penalty? Surely less faffing about equals a significantly better chance of hitting the back of the net. We all remember Simone Zaza’s inexplicable run-up while playing for Italy against Germany at Euro 2016 – and look what happened there. Zaza’s […]

How to get kicked out at 2 minutes of the game

Lionel Messi nutmegs defender and keeper with goal in open training session (Video)

Like the Dog Whisperer The Nutmeg Whisperer doesn’t sound like the most flattering nickname in the world. We’re almost certain that Lionel Messi wouldn’t like it. But what the Nutmeg Whisperer doesn’t know won’t hurt him. So keep shtum. Let his football go The Barcelona superstar was up to his old tricks in an open […]

How to get kicked out at 2 minutes of the game